Volume Booster, Equalizer, Bass Booster, Dj Mix

Improve music performance and experience with Bass Booster, Volume Amplifier, Download Music, Dj Remix, Equalizer, Copy Left Mp3, Sound Cloud.

Download music from popular cloud services to your mobile devices to listen to offline music and offline mp3! This is a legal application to download copy left music and save it in your cloud storage services.
  • Bass booster, volume amplifier
  • Equalizer menu for the pleasure of your ears
  • Equalizer provides maximum music experience
  • Sound Booster to reach maximum music audio levels
  • Extra Volume Booster (up to 200% volume level)
  • Professional Dj pad to make your own music, remix music, etc.
  • Bass boost effect
  • Dj pad to remix your music.
  • Mix, edit and customize the sound of your tracks

Mileage Tracker All in One and Maps

Mileage Tracking; Mileage tracker frees you from the pain of manually tracking your miles for taxes or reimbursement. Mileage tracking app that will automatically log and track miles, and calculate the value of your drives for taxes or reimbursements.

Mileage Log – Track Miles & Automatically Create Mile Logs. Mileage tracker records all trips accurately, down to fractions of a mile
Track drives and categorize them with a swipe—swipe right for business drives and left for personal drives

My Talking Pets

My Talking Pets All in One: Animal Farm, Pet Sound app is an amazing collection for talking pets, mini-games, animal farms, animal sounds, and funny animal videos designed to enjoy talking pets, feed them, watch their daily life etc…

There’s something for everyone! Lots of animals to choose from even if you don’t have your own pet in My Talking Pets All in One: Animal Farm, Pet Sound app.

You can express your creativity by creating the news, or you can enjoy watching both of them tease each other. In both cases, you will have plenty of fun with My Talking Pets All in One: Animal Farm, Pet Sound app.